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Sustainable & Eco-Conscious

Traditional Craft &
Eco Living

"Going back to our roots" is the simple mantra of the company. We work in and with the handicraft industry, Cow Farms, rural areas of Rajasthan to create products that are Sustainable, Eco Friendly and everyday use. They generate rural employment and especially amongst specially abled rural females of Rajasthan.

The products include brass and & wood burners, wooden decorative pieces, panchgavya cow dung incense, flavoured dhoop cones, diyas and lanterns, henna powders and few other everyday use items. The products are traditionally handmade. For instance, the henna leaves are still grinded using stone grinding method and then hand sifted and cloth filtered; the incenses are dried under the sun and then dipped in natural fragrances. Other than being 100% natural replacement of existing carbon & charcoal items in the market these also act as air purifiers by generating oxygen and positivity around when burnt. Our products are Bamboo & Carbon free.

Some Questions

What makes Green Fingers products eco-friendly and sustainable?

Green Fingers products are made using 100% natural ingredients and traditional handmade methods. They are bamboo and carbon-free, acting as air purifiers by generating oxygen when burned. We prioritize sustainability in every aspect, from sourcing materials to production processes.

How do Green Fingers products support rural communities?

We work closely with artisans, cow farms, and rural areas in Rajasthan to create our products. This collaboration generates employment, especially for specially-abled rural females, helping to uplift and empower these communities.

What types of products do you offer?

Green Fingers offers a wide range of products including brass and wood burners, wooden decorative pieces, panchgavya cow dung incense, flavored dhoop cones, diyas and lanterns, henna powders, and other everyday use items. All products are traditionally handmade and eco-friendly.

Are your products available for bulk corporate or seasonal orders?

Yes, we cater to bulk corporate and seasonal orders across India. Our small sales network ensures that we can meet the demands of large orders while maintaining our commitment to quality and sustainability.

How do your incense and dhoop cones differ from other market alternatives?

Our incense and dhoop cones are made from natural ingredients without any bamboo or carbon, making them a healthier and more eco-friendly option. They are sun-dried and infused with natural fragrances, offering a pure and pleasant aroma while purifying the air.

Why Choose Us.

Green Fingers offers 100% natural, bamboo and carbon-free products that not only replace harmful market ...

Each product is traditionally handmade using methods like stone grinding and sun-drying, ensuring authenticity and ...

By creating sustainable products in collaboration with rural areas of Rajasthan, including specially-abled rural females, ...

Cultural Preservation

Green Fingers employs traditional crafting techniques and methods, preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan through each product.

Natural Air Purification

Products such as the incense and flavored dhoop cones not only provide pleasant fragrances but also purify the air naturally, enhancing indoor air quality.

Inclusive Employment Opportunities

The brand focuses on creating job opportunities for specially-abled rural females, fostering inclusivity and enhancing the quality of life in rural communities.

Wide Reach and Accessibility

Green Fingers supplies products across India and accommodates bulk corporate or seasonal orders, making eco-friendly and sustainable products accessible to a broad audience.